Chase The King

Chase The King

How To Play

  1. Tickets can be purchased weekly at The Goodie Shop Restaurant, Town Square Boutique, N&J Convenience, Curtis Corner Irving, Papa Joe’s, City Limits Convenience, Petro-Canada Wellington St, Sobeys Douglastown, and Courtesy Convenience.
    It is the player’s responsibility to play their toonie in the bright YELLOW box
  2. Tickets cost $2 each and must be purchased by 4 pm on Tuesday’s. Once ticket is purchased this will be your Chase The King number and can be played weekly by putting a yellow sticker on a toonie, writing your Chase The King number on the sticker and placing it in a Yellow Chase The King box. If you wish to play more then one number fill out another ticket and place the information section in The Chase The King box.
  3. Proceeds are as follows, 50% to the Rock N Roll Festival and 50% to the winner. In the event a ticket was not played the amount will be rolled over to the following weeks draw.
  4. Winning ticket will be drawn on Tuesday evening and winner notified. Winner can pick up their money at The Goodie Shop Restaurant during business hours.



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