Midnight Special

The band Midnight Special was put together in 2015. Normand Arseneault, Jean-Claude LeBLanc, Yves LeBlanc and Alvin Roach decided to start this band to pay tribute to one of their favorite band of all time, CCR.
Norm, J.C and Yves are from Rogersville and have known each other for over 45 years. They met Alvin , whose from Rexton, a few years ago and the four of them clicked, they make great music together.
CCR was a band that the 4 of them grew up on and John Fogerty is one of their idols. The members of Midnight Special have been playing music together and separately for over 45 years and are true rockers, that is why CCR is special to them and also they love to play tunes from the 70’s and 80’s such as Trooper, APRIL Wine, Bob Seager, Steve Miller and much more.
They choose music to make people dance and have a great time. These musicians are passionate about music and it shows on stage. You won’t be let down when you come listen to them do what they love to do, that is entertain the people.

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